Be a 'Skeeter Beater' at Home!

JONESBORO, AR -- Summer is here and the mosquitoes are out in full force.

Last Wednesday, we showed you what the City of Jonesboro is doing to try to kill those annoying little mosquitoes. An aerial spray was done all over the city, but did it really help?

K8 News checked in with Clarke Mosquito Control today, the company hired to tackle the ever-growing mosquito problem in Jonesboro. They say the problem with mosquitoes in the area is still rough right now, and they plan to do another aerial spray Thursday night.  They will also continue their ground sprays in the overnight hours.

Of course, there are ways you can make a difference in the number of mosquitoes around your house. We've shown you that it's good to remove all standing water from around the house, but there are ways to prevent the breeding, if you have to leave the water out.

"They are terrible. They are so much worse than they were last year and it seems like they are just getting worse and worse," says Judy Boyd, a local resident frustrated with the mosquitoes.

And when the sun goes down, they just multiply.

"We were out at the baseball game the other night and they were just swarming all over you. They're terrible. I don't care where you go the mosquitoes are terrible," says Boyd.

But there are things you can do at home to make it bearable to be outside. Dana Simpkins with Tractor Supply Company in Jonesboro says they offer several different kinds of products.

"Pymethrin or malathyon or permethrin. It's very prevalent through all of the mosquito and fly sprays that we carry," says Dana Simpkins.

And she says it's those main ingredients that seem to work the best.

"We carry it in metered sprays which spray every 30 minutes. We also have the concentrates which you can put in a metered sprayer or a tank sprayer and spray your yard and all the other areas," says Simpkins.

This sprayer here works off a propane tank and makes a constant spray that is good for events outside or just when you're out in your backyard. But what about mosquitoes actually breeding around your house?

"Thousands of mosquitoes can come from just one little dish. Your little pot holders that you put under your terra cotta pots, those can hatch out a thousand mosquitoes," says Simpkins.

And believe it or not, your pets water bowl can be a breeding ground too.

"If you have standing water such as animal troughs or whatever, we carry this product right here which you can put in the water that is safe for the animals, but it kills the mosquito larvae," says Simpkins.

It's fairly simple. You just drop the tablet into the water and it's supposed to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in this standing water for up to 30 days.

The tablets use a different ingredient than the sprays and are safe for pets to ingest, but the trustiest way to prevent the skeeters from doubling just takes a little cleaning.

"You have to make sure that you clean out the bowls frequently and thoroughly to make sure that you don't have any of the eggs hatching out into the water.>

We spoke with a veterinarian today about the tablets for your pet's water bowls. He said they are safe for your pet and can actually prevent the animals from swallowing the dead mosquitoes.