Tomato Farmers Having a Bountiful Year

POINSETT COUNTY, AR -- Some tomato farmers have had a hard roe to hoe for the past few years, but it seems this year things are looking up.

"We've been harvesting the tomatoes for about a week now.  They're loaded from top to bottom," said Vegetable Farmer Gary Goodwin.

Goodwin's family has had a vegetable farm for 38 years, but a few years ago that business was at risk.

In fact, because of the rough time in the tomato patch Goodwin started growing some other types of vegetables.

"I mostly grow tomatoes but I have started growing cantaloupes, watermelons, and sweet corn," said Goodwin.

The Goodwin family has a farmer's market in Trumann.  The harvest is looking so good that he's working hard to keep up with the demand for the vegetables.

"We having problems getting some variety of produce due to lack of acreage some people have just given up and quit," said Goodwin.

Goodwin said he would like to see more farmers come back to the vegetable crop.  He has to buy some vegetables from other farmers to sell at his farmers market.

"This can be raised here and our quality and taste is excellent in Arkansas," said Goodwin.

Goodwin planted five different levels of tomato's the first batch is coming off the vine now.  He should harvest the tomato's all summer long as they ripen.