Region 8 Students Could Change State Law


A project done by three high school students for a class project is receiving state wide recognition.  Three high school students started the school year with an idea to make the ride shorter for kids that ride the bus.  The school year started out with 11 bus routes, now there are nine.  The longest route was a little over an hour long, now it is 42 minutes.

"We sat on the bus and rode the bus plotting out points," said team member Ryan Murphy.

The group also wanted to find out how to make it safer when buses cross the railroad tracks.  They used GPS equipment to track where the buses cross.

"We were really amazed that we were able to find as much information as we did.  When we had operation lifesaver come we were told some information that was really eye popping," said team member Jon Thompson.

Earlier this week they made their presentation to the Academic Facilities Oversight Committee in Little Rock.

"Where it ended up, us going to Little Rock and speaking to that committee and talking about implementing our program statewide-it is really amazing," said Thompson.

"I was just amazed because I never imagined that something that three kids from Harrisburg High School got together and decided to do would be this big," said Morgan Reddman.

The students said they were just trying to make an "A" in the class.  Now, their community project has the potential for being implemented statewide.

"What they had talked about was taking us into other schools and having us show them how to start this project in their district in their community," said Reddman.

"Shane Broadway said we have done more to save the tax payers money than anyone in the room," said Thompson.

Something they never dreamed they could accomplish.

"We may be just high school students but we can make a difference," said Reddman.