Mobile Court Set Up for Cases Related to Rainbow Family Gathering

FALLSVILLE, AR - The U.S. Forest Service has set up a mobile magistrate court in the Ozark Mountains to deal with the mounting number of violations issued to members of the Rainbow Family, who are holding their annual peace gathering in Newton County.

The Forest Service set up a remote court in Deer, where U.S. Magistrate Judge James Marschewski has presided over a number of cases.

Officials say the majority of the cases are for traffic and vehicle violations and drug and alcohol-related offenses.

On Friday, six trials were held, with four resulting in guilty verdicts.

The gathering, with roots in the hippie era, draws thousands from around the country to a national forest site each year to pray for peace and celebrate love.

The gathering is expected to peak around July 4, when about 7,000 people are expected to camp out in the Ozark National Forest.

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