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Walnut Ridge, AR -- Brandi Hodges Reports

Fireworks Safety Taken to New Level

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- Thousands of firecrackers will be lit this week as Region 8 celebrates the 4TH of July.  In one town the buying and selling is going a little bit different with the help of The Walnut Ridge Fire Department.

The firefighters are selling fireworks and giving free safety advice.

"It does give us a certain advantage because we can help promote fire safety and fire works safety," said Lt. Mark Vanbrook.

Kyle Craig is a volunteer fire fighter and is using the building to sell his fireworks.

"We've had some people think it was pretty neat that fireworks were inside the fire department.  Of course, my response was that's the best place to do it.  You've got all your resources right there with," said Craig.

What does The Walnut Ridge Fire Department have to say about the irony firefighters selling fireworks?

"Ironic in some ways but it's a good thing," said Vanbrook.

Just down the road we stopped by Larry Russell and his fireworks tent who says he always encourages safety to his customers.

"All fireworks come with a warning label, but the main thing is most of the fireworks are not designed to hold in your hand," said Russell.

Russell said if used correctly fireworks can be fun without causing harm but at the same time.

"Some of the items are very, very dangerous.  You never want to light it right over your face," said Russell.

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