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Little Rock, AR

Arkansas Surplus Grows

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas ended its fiscal year with more than $1 billion in surplus money.  Officials say state revenues for the year rose $96 million above forecast. 

With most of the surplus earmarked by lawmakers for various projects, the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration said the state has $27 million in uncommitted surplus money available at the beginning of this fiscal year.

DFA Director Richard Weiss says the state has a nice nest egg for the next legislative session.

State officials had originally predicted the state would end the fiscal year with a surplus of about $919 million.  During the legislative session, lawmakers set aside $456 million of that to fund a program to repair delapidated school buildings around the state.

They also set aside $20 million each for the House and Senate to fund various projects and about $188 million for Governor Mike Beebe to use at his discretion on a list of various projects.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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