Westside Students Show Dramatic Increases on Benchmark Exams

JONESBORO, AR - Westside School District superintendent Dr. James Best is lauding the results of the 2007 Benchmark Exams by Westside students.

Highlights of the result include and 87 percent proficiency rate on third grade mathematics, and 80 percent proficiency in 4th grade mathematics, 74 percent proficiency in 5th grade mathematics (20% increase from 2006), 74 percent proficiency in 5th grade literacy (11% increase from 2006), 79 percent proficiency on Algebra 1 EOC exam, and 60 percent proficiency on literacy EOC exam.

"We are so proud of our students and our faculty for the outstanding progress that was made on the 2007 Benchmark Exams," said Best.  "Everyone has worked so hard to increase our students' performance on the state standardized exams, and we have known that it would be just a matter of time before our staff started to see the results they have been working so hard to accomplish.  I am extremely proud of our employees and our students for having taken this step."