Lots of Litter Leads to Lousy Lawns

JONESBORO, AR -- Residents in some Region 8 cities are seeing an increase in the amount of litter on the side of the road.

"We want to keep our city looking nice and presentable for people coming in from out of state," said Jonesboro city employee Roger Morphis.

Some of the litter we found to be the worst was on the south part of town.

"South of town I have seen it myself.  Sometimes we'll put the public service workers out to pick up this litter," said Morphis.

When the public service workers aren't picking the litter up that responsibility falls to others.

Many businesses pick up their litter every day on the side of the road.  They said that's the only way they can keep their litter from piling up.

"It's always nice when somebody has time to go out and pick up the litter but you don't want to put yourself in danger by going out in the middle of traffic," said Morphis.

Littering is a violation of city and state codes.  There's a $150 fine for littering.

"You need to make sure you don't throw stuff out of your cars.  If you have stuff in the back of your pickup you need to cover it up or make sure it doesn't blow out because that's still littering," said Morphis.

What can citizens in Region 8 really do to keep the sight of litter out of our neighborhoods?

"The main thing is for the public to not throw out litter or allow it to happen," Morphis.