A Tradition of Freedom

CORNING, AR -- Those who make up our government were in Region 8 once again on the Fourth of July to celebrate the country they live and work for. While K8 News caught up with them in Corning, that wasn't their only stop for the day full of festivities. They also visited Piggott, Pocahontas, Portia and Caraway.

This Fourth of July, America celebrates its 231st birthday.

"It's all about being an American. You come out and see the enthusiasm, the sense of pride and the real blessings that people feel about being Americans," says Senator Blanche Lincoln, one of the many elected officials in attendance.

A blessing that Governor Beebe says is truly understood across this nation.

"It means family, it means celebration, it means seeing old friends, remembering what the country is all about. It means being hot, eating some watermelon, some ice cream, some cotton candy and basically just celebrating our country's birthday," says Governor Mike Beebe.

But as we continue to battle the War in Iraq, they say this day is really about much more. They all want each and every American to remember this day is about honoring our men and women in uniform, an honor that we can easily show here at home by doing our part for their families left behind.

"I told a group of soldiers who were getting ready to leave for Iraq not to worry about their families. For them to worry about each other, keep their heads down, do their mission and let us worry about the families," says Governor Beebe.

With each hint of red, white and blue, the colors of this country are everywhere this day showing the world we're still the land of the free...and the home of the brave.

"You see a tremendous amount of respect. Those that are really conscious of the fact that the brave and courageous men and women that are serving our military who are out there defending our freedoms," adds Senator Lincoln.