Suddenlink Launches Phone Service In Batesville

BATESVILLE - Suddenlink Communications announced today that it's now offering phone service in Batesville as part of a significant 2007 rollout of competitive phone service that will reach more than 80 percent of its U.S. customer base by year's end.  Prior to the 2007 rollout, Suddenlink, the nation's eighth largest cable operator with 1.4 million customers, offered phone service in West Texas and a few locations in Missouri.  "Our employees are very excited about this milestone, as it represents the first major rollout of phone service under the Suddenlink banner," said Regional Vice President Randy Goad.

Goad explained that Suddenlink's Phone service is not an Internet phone service:  "Our service uses IP technology to transport phone calls over our own, private, managed IP-based network, never traversing the public Internet.  As a result, we deliver the same high-quality user experience customers have come to expect from traditional phone service."

As a standard part of its service, Suddenlink offers unlimited local and domestic long-distance calls, plus the most popular calling features - including Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection, and Call Forwarding.  Voice Mail and international calls are also available at competitive rates.

Importantly, Suddenlink Phone provides automatic access to the FCC-mandated Enhanced 911 system and is compatible with most modern alarm monitoring equipment.  In fact, Suddenlink Phone service meets the characteristics outlined by ADT Security Services to be acceptable as a primary method of transmitting alarm signals to ADT's monitoring centers for that security company's home and small business customers.

Customers can receive Suddenlink Phone service for as little as $39.95 per month when bundled with other services. Suddenlink estimates that its lowest, bundled rate is competitive with or better than the prices of comparable packages offered by other local providers. Suddenlink Phone customers can also use the same phones they use today and keep their existing phone numbers and wiring.

The company's phone services are installed by professional local technicians. To determine if Suddenlink Phone is available in their area, local residents can call 800-915-1863.  To learn more about Suddenlink services, customers can visit the company's Web site at . Suddenlink is the second-largest cable operator in Arkansas.