Prosecutor Seeks Warrant to Return Region 8 Man to Mental Hospital

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A prosecutor says a St. Francis County man who killed his father 16 years ago needs more treatment at the Arkansas State Hospital and is pursuing a warrant to return him there.

Carey Lewis Owens, 54, was released from the hospital by Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Alice Gray in October.  Last week, however, the Arkansas Supreme Court overturned Gray's decision and ruled that Lewis should not have been released.

Margie Lickert, the prosecutor who oversees involuntary mental commitments for Pulaski and Perry counties, says Owens needs further treatment.

Owens was acquitted of killing his 83-year-old father by reason of mental disease in 1991.  He was committed to the state facility.

Police say they don't know where Ownes is.

A lawyer for Owens argues that the court's jurisdiction over his client's case ended in 1998.

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