875th Family Loses Home in Fire, Receives Help from Community

CARAWAY, AR -- Over the past year we have all grown close to different members of the 875th family.  Now, another member is in duress.  Victoria Woodall and her husband Specialist Steven Woodall made their home in a trailer house in Caraway, on Wednesday, July 4th that home caught fire.  Most of the family's belongings were destroyed.

Woodall told K8 News that fire investigators think the fire started in the bathroom.

"If it wasn't burned then they had to put so much water in there that it was just destroyed," said Woodall.

There are a few precious memories that managed to stay safe from the flames like family pictures, wedding pictures, and other items that could not have been replaced.  Since the fire Woodall has received a lot of support.

"Everybody's been so awesome.  Everybody's been there for me and I'm so thankful," said Woodall.

Other wives of soldiers serving with Spc. Woodall are providing support to her and her children.

"People are gathering clothes for the kids and formula.  You just don't realize what it takes to start over," said Carrie MacDonald.

The troops are expected to return at the end of September, but until they do the Woodall family is trying to move forward.

"He wishes he could be here, but he knows there's nothing he could do so he's just trying to keep his head up and be strong," said Woodall.

"They tell us in training not to change too much.  They've been gone for so long that they know in their mind what home was," said Woodall.

The Woodall family was thinking about buying a home closer to Jonesboro before the deployment.  For now Victoria, Carlie, and Landon Woodall are staying with her mother-in-law.

If you would like to help this family out by donating clothing or money you can contact Brandi Hodges at 870-336-1876.

The sizes for the family members are:

The little girl Carlie is two years old and wears a size "2 T" in clothing and a size six shoe

The little boy Landon is 12 months old size and is wearing an "18 months" in clothes and a size four in shoes.  He also wears a size five diapers and the formula they use is powder "Infamil Lipel".

Victoria is a size seven pants and a Medium Shirt and size eight and a half shoes.