Little Relief in Sight from State's Rainy Weather

LITTLE ROCK, AR - For the second time in a week, North Little Rock endured flooding as central Arkansas was hit again with heavy rains.  A National Weather Service meteorologist at the agency's office in North Little Rock says rain will remain a possibility for the next several days.

Forecaster Joe Goudsward said yesterday that there's no sign of a change in the weather pattern for the state, and it will probably carry into next week, too.

Jeremy Ross, a soybean specialist with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, said plants in some bean fields are starting to yellow up a bit because of the lack of oxygen and lack of sunshine.  He said the beans really need some dry weather now so they can get caught back up and start growing a little bit more.

A Web site for the National Weather Service's Little Rock Weather Forecast Office at the North Little Rock airport said over three-and-a-quarter inches of rain was measured there this morning.  The Weather Service also reported flooding around south Arkansas, and a trampoline being carried 100 yards by flooding in the Conway area.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)