Some Mascot Choices 'Just Plain Bite'

The last time we spoke I shared my disdain for removing the Indians from Arkansas State. Now I would like to talk to you about choosing a new mascot. We have a poll running on asking for your input on a possible replacement.  Now,  I appreciate both the creativity and the sincerity involved but, I have an issue with some of the suggestions.  Just a few from our website:

The Indian Bengal Tiger. . .I appreciate the thought but LSU's Bayou Bengal tigers might have a problem with it.

The ASU Liberals. . .I think we should be all inclusive. Why not call them the politicians? We could have Liberals sit on the left side of the stadium, and the conservatives sit on the right

Here is a favorite . . .The Arkansas State Armadillos . . . That's just what we need . . .A team that dies on the road

The Neolithic Hunter-Gatherers . . .how would you ever work that into a fight song?

And Finally . . .

The Skeeters. Folks, that one just plain bites.

Bottom line...We have the opportunity, no, the privilege of offering our input as we embark on choosing a symbol that will represent our university and our region for the ages.  Please put some thought into the process and stay engaged.

As we move forward I hope and pray that we find a uniting symbol that we all can be proud of. Our University deserves no less.