Additional Screenings Will be Mandatory for Newborn Babies

JONESBORO, AR -- The March of Dimes and the Arkansas Department of Health have been working together to get the number of screenings newborn babies undergo raised from seven to the full battery of 29 tests.

Doctor Brannon Treece is a pediatrician for NEA Clinic and said he's glad to see the additional tests be added to the screening.

"Some of these diseases don't cause many problems some of them cause diarrhea and difficulty gaining weight and some of these cause life threatening problems," said Treece.

The problem with early detection through symptoms is the patient can't tell you what is wrong with them.

"In many cases these things an be prevented if the screenings are done and we know what's wrong with the baby," said Treece.

A large number of kids haven't been impacted by not doing the screenings before now, but by adding them a few can be helped.

"It will be a very small population, but this small population will make a very big impact," said Treece.