Producer for Filmmaker Moore Question's Huckabee's Motives

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The producer of Michael Moore's documentary of the nation's healthcare system, "Sicko," suggests the need for campaign funds drove Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to criticize Moore.  The former Arkansas governor told reporters in a conference call yesterday that he hasn't seen and probably won't see Moore's documentary, which calls for an overhaul of America's healthcare system.

Huckabee suggested that the filmmaker adds to the nation's healthcare woes by not being in better shape, an apparent reference to Moore's weight.  Huckabee, who lost more than 110 pounds and became an avid runner after he was diagnosed with diabetes said that Moore is "one of the reasons that we have a very expensive system."

The former Arkansas governor said he knows how much more his own healthcare cost when he didn't take care of himself, not only in terms of doctor visits but regular diseases, illnesses, chronic things that come up.

No comment could be obtained from Moore, but a statement from Meghan O'Hara, producer of "Sicko," was provided by Moore's production office.  She said it appears that Huckabee is "auditioning for some insurance dough, since he's raised just about no money and sparked zero interest since jumping into the race."

She wondered what Huckabee would say to the French, who she said drink more, smoke more, eat more cheese and still live longer that Americans and pay less for healthcare.

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