Jury Seated to Hear Charge Against Crossbow Killer

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - A jury of eight women and five men has been seated for the trial of Justin Trammel, who as a juvenile killed his father with a crossbow and now faces a charge that he threatened to kill the mother of his child.

Police say the 22-year-old Trammel threatened the woman by telling her he'd kill her in her sleep and take the child.  Police say the woman told officers she and Trammel argued after she found a loaded gun and a brick of marijuana in her apartment.  Trammel and another man were staying with her at the time.

Trammel is charged with terroristic threatening.  He is on probation after pleading guilty in Bentonville in 2000 to first-degree murder.

On New Year's Day, Trammel and his roommate at the time, Westside shooter Mitchell Johnson, were arrested in Fayetteville following a traffic stop in which Johnson was found to be in the alleged possession of marijuana and a loaded handgun.