Social Security Warns of Identity Theft Scheme

July 12, 2007 - Posted at 5:40 pm CDT

JONESBORO- This week the Social Security office in Jonesboro says they've gotten several phone calls from clients, in reference to a possible identity theft scam.

"Someone has called them saying they are from Social Security and if they will let them come to their home, they will be able to get to increase their Social Security benefits."

Deborah Foster, the district manager for the Social Security Administration says a house call from their employees is rare.

"We're not normally going to come to someone's house. Every so often we do have people that go and review people's cases, but it would be very official. They would get a letter in the mail," said Foster.

She says those who have been contacted so far did the right thing.

"Several of the individuals told us that they told the person that they are not going to let you come into my home. One person said, well let me call and check you out, and the person that was calling hung up," said Foster.

The Social Security Administrators says the best way you can keep unwanted visitors from coming to your door, is to simply call their office and make sure the people you are talking to are the real thing.

"We can check to see that there is not anything going wrong with their record, like their address has changed or their bank information has changed or anything like that," said Foster.

She says the most important thing to remember is this...

"We would never call someone and say, if you let us come to your house, we'll get you more money on your Social Security check. No one would ever call them and say anything like that," said Foster.

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