Rows of Corn Popping up all Across Region 8

PAYNEWAY, AR -- Residents in Region 8 are used to seeing cotton, rice, and soybeans growing along the side of the road.  This year, a different crop is taking up a lot of farm land.

Poinsett County farmer Marty White grows mostly cotton but because of the prices that corn is getting at market he's planted his share of the crop this year.

"There's more corn planted this year than before.  I think this is the biggest crop since 1944," said White.

Like most farmers, White has already estimated what his end yield will be for his corn and he's already got a set price for his estimation.  Chances are he could produce more than he originally thought and take that to market and maybe get a better price for it," said White.

Corn is up almost $1 a bushel from last year and White said he expects to get 175 to 200 bushels from his 1,700 acres of corn.

"We've got most of ours sold for $2.85 a bushel," said White.

This is the first time in five years that White has grown corn and said he plans on planting it again.

"I doubt I would plant as much corn next year because of rotational purposes, but corn will be in our fields for the next two to three years," said White.

The good prices of corn stem from many things including the production of ethanol and other bio-fuels.

According the United States Department of Agriculture there are about 150 bio fuel plants in the United States.  They can produce about 9,000,000,000 gallons of ethanol a year.

White said his corn probably won't be used for ethanol.  The corn he grows will likely be used for feed.