Severe Animal Neglect in Region 8: NAFA Rescues Horses

July 12, 2007 - Posted at 7:23 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Thousands of animals die each year because irresponsible owners neglect them, let them breed or just decide they no longer want their animals.

The Northeast Arkansans for Animals works to keep all animals in Region 8 safe...We show you how volunteers are nursing three horses back to health.

"This kind of neglect is pretty common, believe it or not in this part of the country," said NAFA's Wannda Turner.

Three horses have a new home after being rescued by volunteers for Northeast Arkansans for Animals.  All severely malnourished, they are slowly gaining weight on a diet of sweet oats, grain and hay.

"These three were in a field with absolutely no grass, they had no food, very little water, no hay," said Turner.

To avoid prosecution... the owner finally surrendered the animals after working with NAFA for a month.

"Our abuse, neglect and abandonment calls have tripled over the last year," said Turner, "Part of that is because the animal population continues to flourish, but then the other part of that is because people 1/2 acres and think they need to put a horse on it."

Turner says NAFA has become much more aggressive in their efforts to get people to take care of their matter the size.

"People need to realize that the other side of the fence is something that feels and breathes and gets hungry and gets cold and wet and starves and falls down and dies and we've made a society where they are dependent on people to take care of them," explained Turner.

Northeast Arkansans for Animals has programs for people to surrender their animals if they feel as though they cannot take care of them.  For more information, call 932-1955