Washington County Jury Acquits Crossbow Killer of Threatening Charge

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Justin Trammell, who as a juvenile killed his father with a crossbow, was acquitted yesterday of a charge he threatened to kill the mother of his child.

A jury deliberated just over an hour before acquitting the 22-year-old Trammell in a Washington County court case.

Police said Trammell threatened Chelsea Jaybush by telling her he'd "stick a gun in her mouth, blow her head off while she was sleeping and take their child."  However, Trammell's attorney said Jaybush, the prosecution's star witness, made up the threat so Trammell would lose his parental rights.

Jaybush was described as Trammell's former girlfriend.  The two have a son together.  Trammell is now married to another woman and they also have a child, according to testimony.

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