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Monette, AR -- Brandi Hodges Reports

Sheriff Hopes to Stop False Rumors of an Arrest in Tusing Case

MONETTE, AR -- Just over seven years ago year 20-year-old Amanda Tusing disappeared and was found dead three days later.  The mystery over her death has puzzled law enforcement and the community.  Now the rumor of a killer's confession isn't helping in the search for answers.

"For some reason this rumor got started Thursday," said Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann.

Since then the sheriff's office has been bombarded with phone calls from people asking if the rumor they're hearing is true.

"We get phone calls that two separate individuals had confessed to that murder.  It's just wild.  I don't know how this got started, but it sure spread quickly," said McCann.

This isn't the first time a rumor like this has spread about this case.  Amanda Tusing's mother Susan Tusing said this is the third time a major rumor has made it's way around town.

"I've tried really hard not to let rumors get to me.  If they'll call me ahead of time and let me get wind of one I just say it's not true and I call the sheriff to check on it," said Tusing.

Tusing said she knows when her daughter's homicide is solved she will be told by the sheriff's department as soon as possible.

"I'm anxious for this to happen.  It needs to happen," said Susan Tusing.

She said people really need to stop and think about their actions, to think about the people their lie will hurt.

"They're hurting the families and if they name specific people in their rumor then they're hurting those people as well.  It's just not right," said Tusing.

The Craighead County Sheriff's Department still considers the Tusing murder a very active case.  They follow up on different tips every time they get them, hoping one day one of the tips will prove to be true.

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