The Motorcycle Miracle Rider

JONESBORO, AR -- You might think racing motorcycles or even just riding motorcycles requires two legs. Well, think again. One Region 8 man who lost his leg from above the knee is showing others why handicaps don't always have to mean limitations.

Shane Tacker of Bono is practicing for an extreme amateur sporting competition in Orlando for people living with a limb loss, but this isn't his first race since he lost his leg.

Shane has been riding and racing motorcycles for 9 years now, but 7 of those years were spent riding with two legs. Today, he rides with only one.

Two years ago, Shane was riding his bike when a car hit him. Doctors had to remove his left leg.

"I wasn't a one legged guy who one day decided to race motorcycles. I was already a motorcycle racer that lost a leg so for me it wasn't a decision to go," says Tacker.

A natural choice that he says saved him from misery. Just three months after the crash, Shane returned to racing.

"I just got on the motorcycle and went and I ran through every emotion there is during that race, but I saw the checkered flag," says Tacker.

A sight that came with a whole new outlook on racing. The motorcycle had to be built for him. Instead of shifting gears with his left foot like other bikers, he's got custom gear shifts on the handle bars.

"It's an electronic actuator that moves the same gears everybody else changes gears with except I use just the two buttons on the handle bar now," says Tacker.

Although he's riding a modified bike and living in a much different body, Shane says making the choice to continue doing something he loves was an easy decision.

"All these other physical things that a person might could do other than ride motorcycles, well I no longer can do those so this is what I've got and it was basically cause I was afraid not to do it," says Tacker.

And that and the will to compete again is what's driving Shane to the O & P Extremity Games in Orlando, another new experience he looks forward to learning from.

"It's a lot different when the guy rubbing handle bars with you is fighting the same battle you're fighting and that's going to be a whole lot different," adds Tacker.

Shane will be leaving out Tuesday night for the games. The competition takes place at the Orlando Watersports Complex for 3 days.