Offbeat: Antique Engines

July 16, 2007--Posted at 7:30 a.m. CDT

RAVENDEN, AR---Gary Grim is a "master tinkerer" and can't wait to get started on his next projet.  Grim and his wife moved to Arkansas back in 1996, after retiring from the military in Arizona.

Grim was an aircraft mechanic in the army, air force and reserves, and worked in the private sector as well.  Now Grim fills his days working on antique engines, reworking and restoring them to their glory days.  He works on everything from duel fuel water pump engines to tractors and mopeds.

He's also built sheds out back to resemble a little Arkansas town, he calls "Chiggar Junction."  It even has some antique gas pumps and an outhouse.

Grim takes his show on the road whenever possible, at festivals, fairs, and parades.  He says he just love tinkering and looks forward to getting out in the shop everyday restoring that next project.  Grims says when someone give him compliment and gets enjoyment out of what he does, that's all he needs to keep him going.