ASU Mascot Review Committee Makes Recommendation

JONESBORO -  Arkansas State University's mascot review committee met once again to discuss the actions ASU should take in the mascot controversy with the NCAA.  During the meeting, the committee decided to pass an action plan for development of a new ASU mascot.

"It's up to the administration if they accept our recommendation.  If they do, I think Dr. Robert L. Potts is ready to move very, very quickly," said Mascot Review Committee Chair Jim Pickens.

Many in the community have their opinion on what the new mascot should be and Pickens said the new committee would gladly accept those.

"We hope that all of the suggestions come from throughout the state.  We've got alumni all over the United States," said Pickens.

They hope to have thousands of suggestions and then narrow that down to three or five to take to a national or regional marketing firm.  That firm would help narrow the list down, making the most economical and marketable choice for the university.

"Hopefully we can brand it in such a way that every kid in the state will want one of our shirts or baseball caps with our new icon on it," said Pickens.

The action plan will be placed before the Chancellor of ASU, Dr. Robert L. Potts, who would make the final decision on whether or not to take the committee's suggestions to the board of trustees.  If Dr. Potts does push the plan through it would be up to him to form the mascot selection committee who would then decide the new mascot.

To view the committee's approved action plan click here Page 1 | Page 2.