Guys: Helping Out More Around the House Reaps Rewards

Men you may want to start making your way towards the kitchen while you listen to what I am about to tell you.

We all know that mothers who work outside the home also do work around the house and, so do men. But according to recent research when you add the two together women out work men an average of 7 hours a week.....

Now I'm just telling you what the research says.....

Regardless of how things are at your house this is a great opportunity for marriage "partners" to assess their contribution to the "deal" you made at the altar.

So if you havent already started making your way towards the kitchen you may want to grab a mop and head that way.

Because some studies also indicate that if you're more helpful around the house that your wife may be more understanding about your needs...

We also need to remember we're role models for our sons.

That little guy laying on the couch watching tv with you will need a new set of skills to attract the working woman of the future.

Your efforts will build a stronger marriage, a stronger family and a better Region 8..