Two Sides Struggle Over Rezoning Issue

JONESBORO, AR -- Some problems are brewing in a neighborhood in south Jonesboro.  A landowner is trying to get some property rezoned so he can sell it to build apartments, while the homeowners a few blocks away say the addition of more apartments will only make their living situation worse.

"We're totally surrounded by apartments," said homeowner John Fowler.

On Tuesday night about fifty of the neighbors on Medallion Drive were at the Jonesboro City Council meeting for a rezoning vote.

"We're trying to build upgrade really nice apartments that will service the people moving into Jonesboro," said the property owner Bill Latourette.

Latourette and his family have owned the property for more that thirty years and he said he has been trying to compromise with the landowners on this issue.

"Our request with the C-R-1 zoning is to be transitional with the residential on one side of the property and the commercial property on the other," said Latourette.

But homeowners on Medallion Drive said their answer is simple:  no more apartments.

"Our opinion is that we don't want any more traffic and therefore we don't want any more apartments," said Fowler.

Traffic is one thing that the residents said has increased a lot with the apartments, while Latourette told us that the traffic has actually decreased since they had new streets put into the area.

"Having Latourette Lane helps the issues of traffic," said Latourette.

People in the Medallion neighborhood said after the impressive attendance at Tuesday night's council meeting, they feel good about the future of their area.