Cave City Gearing Up For New School

CAVE CITY, AR--The upcoming school year promises to be one of new beginnings for students and teachers in the Cave City School District as they gear up with a new school, new teachers and new students.

The first day of school is still over a month away and cave city teacher Amanda Kazzee still has a lot of work to do

"We're unpacking, getting our rooms together for the new year," said Kazzee.

She is gearing up for her first year as a teacher for Cave City after her former school, Evening Shade, was annexed by Cave City.

She's not the only one adjusting, as Cave City students, teachers, and administrators like Principal Marc Walling will move into a brand new state of the art high school made up of students and teachers from both Cave City and now Evening Shade.

"Technology is really the key, its driving the education and we have to keep up with that as educators," said Walling.

The beautiful nine million dollar facility was made possible when residents in Cave City and Evening Shade voted on a millage increase. Although the schools have been together for several years, this will be the first year the two schools truly become one.

"When you have that kind of vision and you sell it to them, people are going to do what is best for the kids," said Walling.

Even though this is the first year the middle and high schools have been combined, Walling feels the transition will go smoothly because students from Evening Shade have participated in Cave City classes and sports for several years.

"They are all good kids and we are familiar with them," said Walling.

Most of the high school students have attended Cave City or Evening Shade their whole lives, but feels the new school offers new opportunities.

"I am excited to make new friends and everything," said rising senior Amanda Polk.

Polk compares it to the first day of school with fresh faces in a fresh place, but feels the new school will be a rallying point for students.

"It will take a little time, but eventually we'll have school spirit," said Polk.

She feels as soon as students set foot in the school, they will all officially be Cavemen!

"I am ready for school to start today. I would be excited if school started today," said Polk.

She'll have to wait. The first day of school for Cave City is August 20th.