Teachers get Ready for Magnet Schools

JONESBORO, AR -- Jonesboro elementary students are a month away from starting a new way of learning.  Work is still going on to finish up the different magnet schools in the district.  The Jonesboro School System has been working on the magnet schools project for a while now.

There are five of these schools that will serve students from first to sixth grade.

But before students can start school, some work needed to be done to get the buildings ready for the different age groups of students.

"In one of our buildings we've done some pretty major cosmetic work.  It was the only building that had not had some updates," said Dr. Kim Wilbanks, Superintendent for the Jonesboro Public School District.

Here's a look at the five magnet schools:

Health, wellness, and environmental studies

Micro Society

International Studies

Visual and Performing Arts

Math and Science

"Each of the teachers picked a school, which meant moving from where they were at," said Wilbanks.

For the time being, teachers are going to workshops that are focused on the magnet theme they will be teaching.

"There are a lot of changes for faculty and staff, but there are also a lot of changes for parents and students.  One of those changes will be transportation," said Wilbanks.

That's because students may not be going to the school down the street, but on the other side of the district.

To be successful, Wilbanks said it is important to have community partners.

Each of the schools has community partners within the community.

Health, Wellness, and Environmental Studies has partnered with St. Bernards and NEA Clinic.

Micro Society has partnered with Nestle

International Studies has partnered with AT&T and Farmer's Insurance

Visual and Performing Arts has partnered with the Foundation of Arts and the ASU Theatre Department

Math and Science has partnered with the ASU College of Engineering