Vector Disease Control to Battle Jonesboro Mosquitoes

July 19, 2007 - Posted at 8:49 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - Thursday Jonesboro city council members outlined a formal battle plan with a new general in the war on mosquitoes.

During a special meeting Thursday afternoon, the council agreed to terminate their contract with Clarke Mosquito Control and renew with Vector Disease Control.

Trucks will start spraying throughout the city Friday evening but Vector officials say it will take time to get the problem under control.

"I haven't seen them this bad since probably 1995 that's when we first took over the contract," said Vector Disease Control Regional Manager Jim Stark.

Stark says Jonesboro residents should see trucks rolling through the city as soon as Friday night, but it may take some time before the city sees relief.

"We were here for 11 years so it's not like we're coming in brand new to the city and don't know the hot spots and don't know what to expect, so we've got a general idea of what's coming it's just that things are so out of hand right now it's like almost starting over," said Stark.

Aerial applications are scheduled to start by the weekend, pending good weather.  And by the end of next week, vector should have at least six trucks rolling.

Stark said there are no hard feelings between Vector and the city, just that "All the people in the office are just chomping at the bit to get going."

The city's contract with Vector will extend until 2009 with an option to renew for two more years.