Offbeat: ASU Mascot Ideas

July 20, 2007---Posted at 10:00 a.m. CDT

GREENE CO.-- Now that ASU is eliminating the Indian as the school's mascot, the search is on to find a replacement.  Jimmy McPhink is a huge football fan and an even bigger ASU fan and is ahead of the game when it comes to mascot ideas.

McPhink is an amputee who lost his right leg in a motorcycle crash in 2003 and says he doesn't like it, but understands why the university is abandoning the Indian.  He's already got a few ideas and hopes others will be as interested in helping discover the ASU icon.

Jimmy used the website to help create his logo ideas and put them on helmets.  He sent in his ideas and what he wanted and a graphic designer then illustrates the logo on to a helmet.  That logo can then be put onto an actual miniature helmet for $35.  The cost for the graphic design is $10-$15, depending on if you use an existing mascot or the designer creates a new one.

Some of Jimmy's ideas come for the teams in his fantasy football league.  He likes the Cavemen and Klingons the best, but says he knows only Trekki's will go for the Klingon logo.  He also offers the swarm, with a mad mosquito, or the space aliens, the cobras, or the fighting farm boys, complete with corn cobs on the helmet.

Jimmy says it's a very important decision and he hopes the entire Region 8 community will get involved with choosing ASU's new mascot, encouraging others to send the university their ideas.