Mother of West Memphis 3 Victim Speaks About New DNA Evidence

July 20, 2007 - Posted at 6:20 p.m. CDT

WEST MEMPHIS-14 years ago a jury convicted Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelly of the murders of three 8 year old West Memphis boys.

Now, over a decade later defense attorneys are saying a piece of hair found in one of the victim's shoelaces could link the crimescene to Stevie Branch's stepfather, Terry Hobbs.

Friday we talked to Branch's mother and Hobb's ex-wife.

"Do you think honestly in your heart that he might have had something to do with this," I asked.  "Honestly in my heart...I have to be honest. Possibly," replied Pam Hobbs.

On Thursday Terry Hobbs spoke out about what he believes is another attempt to sway the truth.

"It's sad to see that there are some people out here trying to get some killers out of prison that deserve to be hung by a rope," said Terry Hobbs.

However, Pam Hobbs believes Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley may have been wrongfully accused.

"I've always said that I didn't think they were by themselves. I've always said that I didn't want the wrong three people in prison if they didn't do it," she said.

She says she always wondered if Stevie Branch's stepfather had anything to do with the murders.

"Back before anybody was a suspect in the case or anything, my first thought and theory was Terry Hobb, Tom Moore, and Mark Myers did it," said Pam Hobbs.

When Terry Hobbs was asked if he committed the murders he paused and then replied "I'd have to laugh at that and say there's something wrong with someone who would think that."

"When you watched his response, what did you read on his face when he answered that question," I asked Pam Hobbs.  "What are you hiding? Why didn't you laugh if you wanted to. That was my thought when I first saw it," she replied.

Now only time can tell if the DNA evidence will lead to a new trial and a change in a case that's never seemed to completely close.

"It's still in God's hands. It's been there since May 5, 1993. I just continue to pray for the strength to accept what comes out of this," said Pam Hobbs.

While they would not go on camera, prosecuting attorneys made a statement to the Arkansas Supreme Court saying "To date, nearly all the genetic material recovered from the crime scene was attributed to the victims."

The statement goes on to say, "The State stands behind its convictions of Echols and his codefendants."

The document also notes that the DNA testing has not found any genetic material that formally links Echols and his codefendants to the crime scene.

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