Captain T's Musical Mission

WILLIFORD--No matter how far Tom "Captain T" Hunnicutt's career as a marine took him from Arkansas, the thought of home always followed him. One of the things he would pray for was to get home for one spring and one fall. He wanted to see the dogwoods and the jonquils bloom; to hear the birds singing in Arkansas. Arkansas was always on his mind.

Eventually Captain T returned to the Natural State, but stopped along the way to play with Buck Owens and Marty Robbins. While playing all over the country he did find one thing. He noticed there were many different songs about other states, but no one was singing about Arkansas. He wanted to change that and change it he did.

It took some time but things changed after writing and recording "The Spring River Eulogy." It released something inside him. He hadn't written any new songs for awhile and then songs were just pouring out of him.  Captain T believes, "We got rivers, we got great people, we got great communities all over the place."

Arkansas changed from the Land of Opportunity to The Natural State, but the state songs did not refelect the state's new image. "The Natural State" is the one song Hunnicutt has written and recorded that he belives perfectly paints the image of Arkansas. That song in particular was meant to describe all of Arkansas, from the rolling rivers to country living.

Through 3 cds Captain T shares his love of Arkansas. His passion and emotion over the state is evident and that is why he wants his song "The Natural State" to be added to the list of Arkansas state songs. He wants others to knos his music, "It's from the heart. From the heart and soul. This state is the one i wanted to come home to."