Delaplaine Campus Closing Their Doors

PARAGOULD, AR--Back in November the Greene County Tech School Board voted to close the Delaplaine campus because of declining enrollment and facilities in desperate need of repair.

However, a group of Delaplaine residents sued the school district to keep their tiny school alive.

It was a last ditch effort to keep an important part of their community alive, but Friday Amy Rothe and the rest of the Delaplaine Community Association received confirmation their school is no more.

"I think we all knew what we were up against and we didn't want to hope too much, thinking we could succeed and prevail, but we're very disappointed," said Rothe.

Even though school is slated to start in four weeks and their school has inadequate facilities, no supplies and no teachers, the community hoped Judge David Burnett would uphold a restraining order to close the school.

"The intent of the litigation was to keep us open one more year so we could get a charter school; however time wise, we didn't get that accomplished," said Rothe.

Now that it is confirmed there will be no classes in Delaplaine in the upcoming year, the Delaplaine Community Association is weighing its options.

"We will probably regroup. We are still pursuing a charter school. Whether we have the districts approval or not, that's still a viable option," said Rothe.

If they pursue a charter school, they must submit their proposal to the State Department of Education by October 31st to have school in the 08-09 school year.

Delaplaine class of 1956 graduate Jimmy Rothe feels the closure will take a piece of the town's identity.

"It's the part that held it together, just like a factory will hold a town together," said Jimmy Rothe.

He feels without a school, the outlook for the town of Delaplaine is bleak.

"Today's decision, as far as the judge is concerned, probably put the final nail it," said Jimmy Rothe.

Students from the Delaplaine District have been spread out to at least a half a dozen other school districts in the area.