Researchers Studying Soil to Learn about Historic Region 8 Cabin

DALTON, AR - As researchers try to see what else might once have stood at the site of the historic Looney Taverns, one of the oldest buildings in the state, they are thankful the land hasn't been used for row crops.  They say the grounds have been used as a barn lot or pasture, so the soil is relatively untouched.  But had the land been used for deep plowing for crop planting, it could have destroyed the invisible "signatures" left in the soil.

Randall L. Guendling, senior project archaelogist for the Arkansas Archaelogical Survey, says researchers are using ground-penetrating radar and soil rusticity testing to see what lies beneath the surface.

The Looney Taverns, on the Eleven Point River in Randolph County, will be renovated and restored as a project of the Black River Technical College.  A second log building, about a mile from Looney Taverns, also will be renovated.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)