Sale of Faith Based Toys on the Rise

PARAGOULD, AR -- In mid August, some Wal-Mart locations will begin carrying a line of faith based toys.  They will be offered in approximately 425 stores as an initial test.  Region 8 Wal-Mart stores will not be involved in the initial test, but they will be sold in stores in the south and mid-west.

Around Region 8 there are some stores that already carry some religious action figures and other toys.

"There are a lot of new faith based toys that are coming out.  One of the toy lines are "Angel Wars" and there's also the new line that Wal-Mart has coming out that's based on the straight biblical characters," said East Side Baptist Church Children's Pastor Jason Lincoln.

Lantern Book Store in Paragould carries a little bit of everything; all of it with a religious message.

"Kids can relate to something that's not an adult just telling them a story," said Lincoln.

One thing distributers have started doing is taking a normal board game and making a bible version of it, that way kids are learning without even realizing it.

"There's bible 'Pictionary' that teaches bible verses," said Brenda Jordan of Lantern Book Store.

By playing with faith based toys children can be more likely to understand their Sunday school lessons.

"The more we instill in our children they can retain that as they grow up," said Jordan.

With new toys scheduled to come out in the next few weeks people have said they're surprised by the growing availability of toys that weren't around a decade ago.

"It is surprising with all the other stuff that's out that people want for their children to grow up to be good Christian people," said Jordan.