The Future of Livestock in Piggott Could Change with Proposed Ordinance

PIGGOTT, AR -- Like many cities in Region 8 people in the city of Piggott raise livestock in the city limits.  After a few problems in the last year the city started looking at an ordinance to help control the livestock population.

Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris said he never knew the city didn't have a livestock ordinance since they've never had a problem before and not a lot of people raise it in the city limits.

"We've probably got between six to eight people that have had horses and cattle for a number of years," said Morris.

One of those is Jane Hinkle and her family.

"I think it's a good ordinance I really do," said Hinkle.

Hinkle said the family has had livestock on this property for years.

"We have three horses that we ride and my father-in-law has miniature horses that he raises," said Hinkle.

Although the city does not have an official ordinance yet, a draft from another city is being used.  The first reading of that ordinance happened earlier this month, but before the second reading occurs the city wants to re-write portions to better fit their city.

People who own livestock have said that they understand the need for this, but at the same time they want to make sure their livestock are protected.

"We're trying to protect the public.  That's what we're trying to do," said Morris.

"I feel the people who have always had livestock should be able to keep it.  It just needs to go from this day forward," said Hinkle.

For more information about this proposed ordinance or to put in your two-cents about the future of the ordinance in Piggott, you can call city hall at 870-598-3791.