Better Weather OR Better Company?

JONESBORO, AR -- Since Vector's mosquito trucks rolled out last Friday night, we wanted to know if people think the new company has made a difference.

Jim Mead the Owner of Golf World in Jonesboro says things have majorly improved.

"We've had the best weekend we've had all season and the mosquitoes are virtually gone. They've just done a wonderful job," says Mead.

Mead was one of the residents at last week's city council meeting pushing to get rid of Clarke Mosquito Control. He wanted Vector back and he says a big reason for that is the treatment they received from Clarke. He says they asked several times for Clarke to come out and spray around their putt putt course, but he says they never got in the swing of things. One of the many reasons he says Vector is the better.

"They've been spraying for 11 years here in Jonesboro and we've never had a problem until there was a change made and then it was noticeable to everybody," says Mead.

But is it too early to tell if vector has really the changed the mosquito population in the Jonesboro city limits? We headed out to Joe Mac Campbell Park where many people were watching soccer.

"I hadn't had any problems. I hadn't had any bites and usually me and my kids get bit pretty often but it's been pretty nice for the last couple days," says Steven Veteto, a Jonesboro resident.

And with different weather this week than usual, could that be a reason some think the mosquitoes aren't as bad?

"Right now there are not any mosquitoes, but to say it's the new company that's gotten rid of the mosquitoes. I would say it's hard to compare yet," says Marty Eaton, another Jonesboro resident.

He says it's still too early to tell.

"We'll probably be able to compare apples to apples as far as the new company and the old company when it gets still and hot and muggy at night and mosquito weather again," adds Marty Eaton.