Marmaduke Recertified as "Community of Excellence"

MARMADUKE, AR - More than a year after being devastated by a massive tornado, Marmaduke was recertified today as an Arkansas Community of Excellence (ACE).  The ceremony featuring Governor Mike Beebe was held this morning in the Greene County town.

ACE is the cornerstone of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission's community development efforts.  ACE helps communities devise a blueprint to focus on economic growth by expanding their local economy and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

As part of the ACE process, Marmaduke's business leaders have focused on economic and community development issues such as business retention and expansion, health care, highway infrastructure, education, residential construction, and parks and recreation.  Specific projects include...

-Partnering with the Greene Co. Chamber of Commerce to establish a 2,000-acre super site.

-Working to attract retail shops to the city.

-Developing housing to accomodate the area's growing workforce, including new home construction and the creation of a mobile home park.

-Increasing the number of students pursuing higher education degrees.

-Working on a plan to build a health-care clinic and recruit physicians.

-Improving and repairing recreational facilities.  New plans include baseball and softball fields, basketball courts and concession areas, and

-Continuing efforts with the Ark. Highway & Transportation Dept. to implement 4-lane improvements on U.S. 49.