Clay County Group Continues to Seek Investors for Biofuels Facility

HOXIE, AR - At least 36 people have already invested in planned soybean oil and biodiesel plant in Clay County.

The Natural Fuels plant is being planned for a 65-to-70 acre tract in the Corning Industrial Park.  The plant is expected to cost up to $100 million and will provide a local market for soybeans.  The plant will also extract oil, sell soybean meal and process biodiesel fuel.

Natural Fuels is seeking 200 investors to buy shares of $10,000 each.

The facility is planned for Corning.

An information session was held last night in Hoxie, and another is set for tomorrow night in Paragould, and on August 2 in Poplar Bluff.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)