Light at the End of the Tunnel For Dangerous Railroad Crossing


There are many railroad crossings in Region 8 that don't have any real warning for drivers other than the horn of the on-coming train.  One of those crossings is just outside the city of Tuckerman in Jackson County.  County Road 1130 leads right into a neighborhood of about five families.

Residents said the weeds along the railroad tracks are grown up and they have a hard time seeing a train coming their way.

"They acted like they were going to take care of the problem, but as you an see, we're overgrown and out of control," said Robin McCloud.

K8 News spoke with Union Pacific Director of Media Relations James Barnes Thursday afternoon and he said, "About a month ago the operation team for Union Pacific sprayed the weeds along the side of the road.  They sprayed 12 feet on each side of the tracks."

Twelve feet is the distance from the tracks the railroad is legally required to maintain.

After telling him of the situation, Barnes also released this statement from Union Pacific:

"We are going to send a crew to maintain the right of way to sight distance.  During the summer months we will do it more frequently because the vegetation grows faster.  They are required to maintain the vegetation to twelve feet on each side of the tracks".

Barnes said a crew will be there by the end of the week.