Letters Sent to Homeowners in Floodplain Around Mall

Jonesboro, AR - The City of Jonesboro has sent out over 700 letters to potential addresses that may no longer be in the floodplain around the Mall at Turtle Creek.  That's according to Eric Woodruff, the city's Public Works Director.

Woodruff says his office sent out 400 letters to potential address that may no longer be in the floodplain.  The city sent out another 300 letters to property owners.  Some of the homes in the area are rented and may not have reached the property owners.

The letters tell homeowners who live near the Mall at Turtle Creek that they may be eligible to drop their flood insurance.  This only applies to property owners who are paying on a mortgage.  The developers for the mall widened the drainage ditches in the area shrinking the floodplain.  Earlier this month, mall developer Bruce Burrow told city leaders how disappointed he was in the city's efforts to help residents around the mall.  He felt like the city was dragging its feet in not getting the letters out to residents to tell them they may be out of the floodplain and able to save several hundred dollars a year in insurance.