A Money Mystery

JONESBORO, AR -- One Region 8 man says he may have a 100 bill that's worth much more. Is it a rare bill or is it just a regular ole' c-note?

Tracy Huckabay made his regular trip to the bank Friday afternoon, hoping to cash his paycheck for some 100 dollar bills. It may be a good thing he asked for big bills, because one of those bills may be worth much more.

"I went to Liberty Bank in Paragould, cashed my pay check like usual, counted my money and looked at it and there it was," says Huckabay.

As he sorted through his cash, he noticed an unusual mark on one of the bills. His fiancé, Karon collects coins and decided to take the bill to a coin collector to see what the mark may be.

"He looked at it through a microscope and said he'd never seen nothing like it and then made copies of it," says Huckabay.

The coin company told Tracy he has a rare find and could possibly make some big bucks off the single bill. 1996 was the first year the 100 dollar bill was redesigned and whenever a bill is remade, there are a few rare ones that slip into the mix.

"He didn't really know because he'd have to do some research on it. He said he'd give me a ballpark of one thousand to ten thousand right off the top of his head, and it could be worth more," says Huckabay.

So is it really worth 100 dollars as it shows? Or could this hundred add some zeroes.

We spoke with the Professional Currency Dealers Association about the bill. After sending them a picture of the bill, they said the mark is only a rubber stamp. Adding it comes from merchants overseas who stamp the bills after inspecting them.

But the local coin collector and Tracy are hoping for much more. They feel like the mark is from the printing process.

"He explained to me, when you print a bill it's got little bleeding around it on all the numbers and letters. It had the same bleeding as the rest of the bill did. He said it was authentic," adds Huckabay.

If you're a collector and you may have some insight on this, Tracy and Karon would like to hear from you. Send us an e-mail, we'll pass it on to them, news@kait8.com