Several New State Laws Take Effect Tuesday

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Among the new state laws that take effect tomorrow are:

-A law that expands the definition of criminal voyeurism to include security taking pictures of or videotaping in public what is underneath someone's clothing.  Anyone caught secretly snapping pictures down a woman's blouse or up her skirt, for instance, can be arrested.  Republican Rep. Donna Hutchinson of Bella Vista jokingly called her proposal the "Paris Hilton law."

-A law that requires scrap metal recyclers to keep records including copies of photo IDs and addresses of each person that sells them scrap metal.  The law was passed in response to a rash of copper thefts around the state.  The law is intended  to make it easier to track copper wire thieves.

-A law that makes an "unlawful dog attack" a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and a year in jail.  A person could be charged with the crime if he or she owns a dog that the person negligently allows to attack another person.

-A law that requires doctors to tell women seeking an abortion that no one can force them to have the procedure.  The measure adds that declaration to a list of other information state doctors must provide before doing an abortion.

-A law that allows women who breast-feed their children to do so in public without being charged with indecent exposure.

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