Forwarded Email 'Rumors'

Here at KAIT we receive and respond to a ton of emails every day. Its part of our business. But I would like to speak with you about the many forwarded emails we all get... and about the importance of trying to check the validity of some of them before you send them out to your entire email address list as the gospel truth.

I got a copy of an email from a viewer this week asking me to check on one that's been forwarded around and around claiming that Oscar Mayer won't send hot dogs to the troops because it doesn't support the war or anyone in it.  The version I got had been forwarded on by a writer who claims to be a Marine Lieutenant.

There are a number of places you can check online to see if an email you've gotten bears any truth or is worth passing on.  The one I use most frequently is  So let's take this one for example.  When you get to the Snopes page, there's a search box at the top and just type in the topic.  In this case, Oscar Mayer.  When the page pops up, you'll see that this rumor email first started out as Starbucks refusing to send coffee... and was later changed to Oscar Mayer refusing not to send hot dogs to troops.  Neither is true and it is extremely hurtful to those businesses.

There are tons of similar examples.  So, please... before you forward on any mass email messages sent to you... do yourself and your friends a favor.  Check it out and put the junk where it belongs ... in the Recycle Bin.