Driver Suffers Seizure Behind The Wheel, Wrecks on Jonesboro Bypass

JONESBORO, AR - You might call it the catch of the week, if you are fishing for a pick-up truck.

After taking out a light post, the driver of a Ford pick-up nearly found himself in a creek the Joe Mack Campbell Park on the U.S. 63/Joe N. Martin Expressway in west Jonesboro.

The accident occured at approximately 1 p.m., and emergency responders think the accident may have happened when the driver had a diabetic reaction.  Miraculously, the driver was not seriously injured.

Rescue crews had to use a fire truck boom to lift the driver out of the vehicle.  The truck then had to be hoisted up about 20 feet to an overpass before it could be placed on a tow truck.  It took more than an hour for the truck to be recovered, which in turn created quite a traffic jam in the northbound lanes of the bypass.