Sales Tax Weekend Could Cost You

REGION 8--Sending your child back to school is no small task and those back to school lists are long and pricey.

However, help is on the way this weekend as both Missouri and Tennessee hold no tax weekends.

Back to school shopping isn't cheap. With Missouri and Tennessee offering a sales tax free weekend, Kennett resident Donna Moody say now is the time to buy.

"I figure with me and my daughter $500 at least and probably some more supplies for the babies for the winter since it's going to be tax free now. I am going to get a number of things I wouldn't normally buy," said Moody.

Retailers in both states are gearing up for the rush. Kennett Wal-Mart manager Derrick Brentlinger says they see sales increase three to six percent during this annual event.

"We'll be running back and forth all day long. We'll need some roller skates this weekend to be able to get up front get to the back and get where everyone needs us," said Brentlinger.

With northeast Arkansas' close proximity to both states, some shoppers like Marmaduke resident Rebekah Knudson are looking to make a run for the border.

"Especially with it being right down the street. It's pretty much like going to Jonesboro from right here in Marmaduke," said Knudson.

She is pregnant with her first child and knows she will have to buy a lot of clothing at some point. So, now is as good of a time as any.

"Just a few miles over you can get it for 20, 30, 40 cents less each item. So that adds up," said Knudson.

Everyone likes to save money, but with the high price of gas is it worth you making a trip to Missouri or Tennessee just to save a few bucks?

The two must popular shopping destinations for border jumpers in the Jonesboro area this weekend are Memphis and Kennett. With the average price of gas at $2.80, the 104 mile round trip to Kennett will cost around $15 if your car averages 20 miles per gallon. While the 142 mile round trip to Memphis will cost in the ball park of $20.

With a 6.35% tax in Kennett you need to spend at least $238 to come out ahead while in Memphis with a 9.25% tax anything over $215 is a gain. It has shoppers crunching the numbers as they count their cash.

"I know that there are a lot of bargains at the Turtle Creek Mall, but I think with the money savings they are going to get on taxes there going to come this way," said Moody.

Not all items are tax free this weekend. In Missouri and Tennessee only clothing, computers, and school supplies qualify for the discount.