Feds Renew Request for Nearly $129K from Convicted Ex-Senator from Pocahontas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The federal government has asked a judge to order convicted former state Senator Nick Wilson and his wife, Susan, to return a $128,676 income tax refund.

The Internal Revenue Service filed the lawsuit in November, seeking the refund payment plus interest that the government claims it erroneously paid the Wilsons.

In a court filing this week, federal lawyers asked U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright to grant the government summary judgement, arguing that "there is no genuine issue as to any material fact" and that the Wilsons, of Pocahontas, were not entitled to the refund in 2004.

According to the lawsuit, the Wilsons obtained the refund by claiming on a tax return that they should be refunded taxes they paid in the 1990s on money they eventually paid back in restitution after Wilson pleaded guilty in March 2000 to racketeering.

Wilson was released from prison in 2005 after serving a sentence of nearly six years for tax evasion and racketeering.  The Democrat from Randolph County served 29 years in the Arkansas Senate, where he rose to become one of the most powerful and influential members of the Legislature.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)