Air Conditioning Units Feeling The Heat

JONESBORO, AR--High temperatures and high humidity translate to high electric bills as we try to beat the heat.

Sometimes you don't appreciate your air conditioning until you don't have it anymore.

Eight year-old Alexis Ruffie spent the day eating ice cream to help beat the her house.

"We've been getting kind of hot and I have had a lot of water to drink," said Ruffie.

While the temperatures outside are hitting the 90's, inside they aren't much better.

"When I went in there to look at the air conditioning it was on 55 degrees and I was like momma it is very hot do you know what is wrong with the air conditioning," said Ruffie.

Luckily Joe Carter of Ace Heating and Cooling was able to get the air going. He says this time of year is considered his busy season.

"Anytime it is above 90 and the humidity is up your machine is going to run a lot," said Carter.

Carter says in some cases it doesn't matter what you do; your air conditioning is going to break. However, in more cases than not, preventative measures like changing your air filters will help to prevent Carter from making a house call.

"In the summer time I would say at least once a month. Check it more periodically than that because you are in and out a lot more during the summer," said Carter.

While anyone can change a filter, not anyone can work on an air conditioning. That's why it is important to have your air conditioning worked on at least once a year or you could be in a for a hot summer.

"At least get it checked out once a year to make sure everything is working like it should," said Carter.

He says a typical check-up costs around $75 a small price to pay compared to a system overhaul.

"You are looking anywhere from at least $1500 on up, it could get way up. It pays to keep them up," said Carter.

As long as the temperatures stay hot, Mr. Cool will continue to be a popular man.

"We've been anywhere to people hugging our necks to some of my guys getting tips just for coming out and fixing stuff. So, we're a welcome sight this time of year," said Carter.

For young Alexis there is only one thing better than eating ice cream on a hot day. That's eating ice cream inside your cool house.

According to Joe Carter the best time to get your air conditioning in for its annual check up is April before the summer starts to heat up.