Woman Rescued - Neighbors Reach Out Helping Hand

August 2, 2007 -- Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR --  Bed-ridden Mary Kelley had to be rescued as the fire spread to her home.

"Its just by the grace of God that any of us got out of there. I've never seen so much smoke and stuff."

She was on the phone with her daughter and said she was clueless to what was going on outside.

"I said someone's breaking in on me, someone's breaking in on me! I didn't know anything was a fire. I have smoke alarms but they didn't go off."

Outside the home, neighbors like Holly Swails rushed to help.

"A neighbor told us she couldn't walk and her door was locked so we kicked it in and went in and got her."

Mary Kelley was safe, but with the spreading fire, Mike Gonzales felt others might be at risk.

"I live over here on Sharp St. and I was worried about my neighbor who has two kids and just worried that their apartment might be on fire. I was just scared for their lives. It could have been my home, my life, someone else's life, you know I've been here for 47 years in this town... in this home. "

Gonzales was walking home from getting groceries when it all started.

"I heard this big explosion and then saw all this smoke coming out. I hear fire trucks and come around the corner I saw flames, saw people running out of the building... salesmen and ladies, and it's just totally terrible."

Mary Kelley says she's just glad everyone is ok.

"It's a total loss and i'm complety bed fast but I do want to thank the good samaritans and the fire department and Mr. Emerson."

But Holly Swails said she and other neighbors just reacted and did what any neighbor would do.

"We're just all a neighborhood around here and we take care of each other."

Showing the true meaning of good neighbors and the heart of a community - when it's needed most.